The Collection contains over 2,500 tuba figurines, artworks, and tuba oriented items of historical interest pertaining to Professor Winston Morris and the first 50-years of the Tennessee Tech Tuba Ensemble (TTTE). The exhibits of the collection are divided into three basic categories:

  1. Tuba figurines, art works, and assorted tuba collectables
  2. Historical artifacts pertaining to the first fifty years of the Tennessee Tech Tuba Ensemble
  3. Professional and personal items of the TTTE founder and director, R. Winston Morris
The broad categories of tuba collectables include: Advertisements, Artworks, Books, Comic books, Figurines, Magazine Covers, Puzzles, and Tubby the Tuba Recordings. A visitor to the collection can view the collectables and artworks up close and read about each item on a flat-screen monitor. Visitors to this web page can search on a variety of parameters and see all available information on any item in the collection including a high resolution photograph of the item.